Cure your sleep apnea with tape!

f1yeHVOThis is what I looked like before the sleep tape… 

Cure your sleep apnea with tape!

I didn’t know that I was suffering from light sleep apnea until one of my friends got a CPAP from her doctor. It’s a machine used for severe sleep apnea. It’s basically a pressurized mask that you put over nose and mouth during the night. It adds some dampness as well, making the air perfect in both oxygen content and humidity. She told me all about the effects of not getting enough oxygen during the night, because that’s what it’s all about. I recognized myself in some of the criteria she listed for me:

  • You always have a big glass of water by the bed
  • Your mouth is dry like the dessert when you wake up
  • You wake up because of thirst or need of taking a leak
  • You wake up tired
  • Snoring

Check on all of them (except snoring!)

She told me that I could try to use tape during the night, to make sure I only use nose breathing. When breathing through the nose, the air is warmed and cleaned and there’s no interruption in breathing.

So, I tried it and let me say that it takes a while to get used to! First night you will most likely wake up in horror and rip the tape of your face. The trick is then to put the tape vertical, not horizontal!

downloadI tried both vertical and horizontal taping, and now I do the horizontal taping. One cool thing is that if my nose is stuffed when I get to bed at night, it clears up within minutes of taping and I begin to breathe easily. Taping is also quite calming, and I wake up EARLIER and with EASE! No drinking or peeing during the night, and no dry mouth!

What kind of tape to use

I use drugstore paper tape for sensitive skin 🙂 Cheap and easy!



Ketosis and alcohol – can you combine it?

11235997_970707842969858_1792942855_nSo can you enjoy a glass of wine or a drink on your keto diet?

The almighty keto gurus out there will tell you that; NO! It can’t be done! No alcohol, no caffeine – just quit everything you enjoy in life!

But I will tell you otherwise, I definitely think alcohol is ok as long as you consider these 2 things!

1. When in ketosis, your body is already breaking down a type of alcohol which means that you will be very drunk on a tiny amount of alcohol. If you’re new to ketosis, be careful with this! ONE glass of wine might be enough.

2. Distilled alcohol doesn’t contain any carbs, which means that you can drink vodka, rom, tequila, whiskey etc. Anything that’s 40% or above, put please consider point number 1!

Want to drink beer or cider? Forget it, unless you can find carb-free alternatives (we do have a couple of those in Sweden, have you seen it?)

Want to drink wine? Go for DRY wines and stick to 1-2 glasses. Check the labels!

Don’t be surprised if your ketones are gone the day after!

Shit happens, especially if you’re enjoying a cheese platter with red wine. It looks pretty keto, but it will probably affect your metabolism and ketones a bit. Don’t buy drinks in a bar, they will most definitely contain sugar, and stay away from the beer. Then you’ll be just fine!

Do you drink alcohol on the keto diet? How much? 

Personally, I stick to 1-2 glasses of red wine/month. I think I can get away with that 😉

No it’s not the lactose!


I don’t know if this is a local or global trend but I have noticed a lot of health bloggers and youtubers choosing lactose free products. My first reaction to this is… why? It seems like a lot of people believe that dairies are sooo healthy once the evil lactose is removed! No, it’s still a dairy and the most evil part of the dairy is NOT removed. The biggest problem with dairies is the dairy proteins (whey and casein) because these proteins are very dense and hard to digest for our gut. It means that a lot of these dense proteins find a way out to our blood stream via the intestinal walls. If this is the case, the problems will be much more subtle (and severe) than just lactose intolerance. It will give raise to (or worsen) anxiety, worry, depression, autoimmune disorders, aches and pains.

Reoccurring stomach issues are often due to gluten, fibres and fructose rather than lactose. I do understand dairy loving (lactose intolerant) people that buy lactose free products, it makes sense… but for the rest of us? I think it’s a weird health trend!

Is this only in Scandinavia? 

How to keep your new weight (set-point)


A lot of people are curious about the body’s set-point and how to affect it, so let’s talk a little about that. Set-point equals your body’s desired weight, the weight you automatically fall back to when you just eat whatever you feel like. 

Many people believe that it’s easier to gain weight than to lose weight, but the body is always striving for balance so both gaining and losing is equally hard. If you carb or calorie restrict a couple of days and lose a couple of pounds, it’s not REAL pounds! It’s water weight! It’s the same thing if you binge for a weekend and gain weight. It’s not solid fat gains, but rather water and “stomach content”.

This doesn’t mean that your set-point is set in stone, it’s not. Most people increase their set-point a little every year, thus getting fatter and fatter.

How to change your set-point!

Losing weight is pretty easy for most people but KEEPING IT OFF is the difficult part! As soon as the goal is achieved, it’s not uncommon to experience a slow and steady weight gain a short while after. This is because a new set-point was never achieved!

You can get any set-point you desire, this is the trick!

  1. Lose/gain the weight needed

People are generally failing at the second point, not keeping the new weight long enough. The process of losing (or gaining) weight is NOT DONE just because you are happy with the numbers on the scale!

Make sure to keep your new weight for at least 6 month!

Clean Eating’s Dirty Secrets – who’s an expert!?

I had tea with a friend yesterday and we talked about all kinds of things (as usual) but one thing that got stuck in my mind was the documentary “Clean Eating’s Dirty Secrets”. It’s 40 minutes long, so if you don’t want to see it, let me just summarize it here:

Brittish Youtube-star Gracie

tries clean eating on for size. She wants to know if this is the lifestyle change we all need, or if it’s just another fad diet in disguise – a fad diet with potentially dangerous consequences.

“Clean eating” equals vegan or raw food in this documentary, we have a slightly different definition in Sweden but that doesn’t matter. The thing is that
never before have we been so concerned with the purity of our food. Lighting the way are a team of ‘glowing’ wellness bloggers. Gracie dives into the world of clean eating. She vlogs her attempts to change her diet and meets with dieticians, youtubers and those whose desire for health has become an unhealthy obsession. She investigates the claims many gurus swear by and questions whether we should be listening to them at all.


If you read this blog (or my Swedish blog), it’s a pretty big chance that you follow a low carb/keto diet and read this blog and others to learn more about it. I do that too, I follow bloggers and Youtubers to educate myself on a lot of stuff, and that’s how we use the internet. We teach and inspire each other, but who’s an expert, really? Who qualifies to give professional advice, especially in the “fluffy” area of food, health and fitness?


My opinion is and will always be that NO internet guru – regardless if it’s keto, paleo, vegan or rawfood will know more about YOU and YOUR body than you do. I try to push this on my blog and in my books, especially when I get questions like:

“I do X, but you tell me to do Y – am I doing it wrong?”

No you’re not. I never ever tell anyone that they NEED to do a certain thing, and I don’t like it when the Swedish magazines call me an expert in this and that. Why would I be the expert?


My strong suit and best quality is my ability to analyze things. I can break down any problem and solve it. 

I have never studied anything that has to do with food or health, I have never studied anything that has to do with fitness or training. I am not a dietitian, personal trainer, physiotherapist or nutritional adviser. I have a master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering (and one in Biochemistry) and all my insights about food and health, stems from my own experiments and my knowledge of physics, biology and chemistry. I create my own hypotheses from known biochemical processes, and draw conclusions on how things (should) work. Then I try it out for myself.

It doesn’t mean that it’s the best way, and it doesn’t mean that it works for everyone.


Some Bloggers and Youtubers can be quite offensive and aggressive about their own stuff, and it’s easy to fall prey for it. I do that myself from time to time, I feel remorse about having a cup of coffee or a piece of chocolate and think “Oh shit… I had coffee… I’m not keto enough!”… such bullshit, isn’t it? If this happens to you, just take a few deep breaths. Relax and step back. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Does this seem sound?
  2. Do I truly believe this is the thing for me?
  3. Am I ready to whatever it takes?
  4. What’s my goal here?
  5. Does this fit with my idea of reality?

If it’s a YES to all these 5 points, then go for it! I believe that the most important thing is to believe in the stuff we do, to truly resonate with it.

What’s your view on all this? Are you also affected by all the internet gurus out there? 

New collab with Athletic Greens!

This post is a collaboration with Athletic Greens!
WH11I got super excited when Athletic Greens wanted to collaborate with me and let me test and review their superfood cocktail! I love green drinks and drink it every morning instead of coffee. Since (my guru) Tim Ferriss is an affiliate to Athletic Greens, I thought it must be pretty good! Usually I make my own smoothies from avocado, spinach, spirulina, chlorella and tumeric but I use ready mixtures from time to time as well. I do it because it tastes better, and to save time. My blender is also extremely noisy so I hate to wake people up at 5 am just to make a smoothie!

So I have tried a couple of green drinks and mixtures from other online stores, and unfortunately they are not very tasty. They generally taste and smell like grass, and I am aware that it’s really hard to make them taste good. Spirulina is pretty awful to say the least!However, Athletic Greens are actually pretty good. Not like a chocolate milkshake haha, but like… a pretty palatable green drink. It has a little bite to it, and it’s not disgusting. Pretty good grade huh!? Taste wise I will give it 3 out of 5 stars, but ingredients wise I will give it 5 out of 5 and that’s their strength!

The ingredients

ingredientsNo synthetic chemical, colors or flavors, no preservatives, sweeteners, GMO’s, herbicides, pesticides, wheat, dairy, gluten, corn, lactose, sucrose, dextrose, no eggs, yeast, peanuts and no animal products!

If you want to read more about it – CLICK HERE!

All product ads and collaborations with companies will be marked like this. Yellow blog posts are ads, and white blog posts are just my personal thoughts and opinions. I don’t have much collaborations right now, but when I do they will look like this!

Your brain on meditation!


I love meditation and recommend everyone to not only try it but to make a daily habit out of it. My impression is that a lot of people would like to meditate, but are unsure of how to do it. Unsure of the “rules” and what to expect from it. First of all – don’t believe all the crazy stories about people levitating and having the most blissful or transformative experience in their life. It’s not like that. The essence of meditation is this: a calm mind. No more, no less. Secondly, you don’t need anything, not even rules. If you just sit (or lay down) in a quite room and breathe, that’s enough. You might want to try to focus on your breath or try to feel your body from withing, but it’s not mandatory.

Your brain on meditation

SVDThe cool thing with meditation is that you can actually (physically) change the structure of your brain! Using fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) it’s possible to see these differences. It’s also possible to detect differences in the emittance of brain waves.

(To the left) is me in one of the biggest daily newspapers in Sweden, showing the reporters my brain measuring devices! 😀

Parts of the brain being affected by meditation

  • Lateral prefrontal cortex (LPC)-The part of the brain that deals with logic and reason.
  • Medial prefrontalacortex (MPC) – “The me center”
  • Insula – “gut feeling” and empathy
  • Amygdala – The body’s alarm system, “fight-or-flight”. Amygdala + Insula is responsible for “uh-oh” feelings, and Amygdala + MPC give raise to anxiety and impulse based behavior.

Your brain off meditation

Among non-meditators it’s possible to observe a strong neural coupling between MPC and Amygdala. That is a connection between the “me center” and the alarm system. It means that whenever you experience anything physical, you feel the urge to react. If you experience hunger you will put something in your mouth, if you get nervous it quickly escalates into more nervousness (for example)

Your brain on meditation

Meditation weakens the connection between MPC and Amygdana, which makes you less reactive. When a physical sensation appears, it becomes second nature to observe rather than act.

If you suffer from anxiety, you will stop associate the physical symptoms of anxiety to something dangerous. I was suffering from severe anxiety for many years, and I remember the first time that I could just sit through a panic attack. It was a war inside of me, and I could accept it and observe it with a calm mind, until it passed. Everything that arises, passes away.

Amygdala decreases with meditation, and LPC gets an increase in neurons and actually grows bigger. That increases your skills in logic and reasoning.

My personal benefits of meditation

The most profound benefit for me is that I don’t take my own thoughts all that serious anymore. When I think a thought, or feel something – I acknowledge it, accept it, and I let it pass. I was acting on my impulses a lot more before, and nowadays I almost never do that!

I also experience better endurance with mundane work, I can sit for longer hours and just work until the work is completed.

Meditation is truly one of the coolest hacks, do you meditate?

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